Why Am I Still Awake?

Why Am I Still Awake?

The problem with being a night owl is that you can’t change your nature.

Even if I get up early and get to bed early, it doesn’t change the fact that my productive time of day is after 10 pm. That’s when my brain switches on and my creative writing juices start flowing. When I don’t have the night hours, I don’t switch to having a big productive time at some other hour of day, I just don’t have that wild energy at all. I can still get some writing done and I can still have some creative life of the mind; but I feel like I’m crippled.

Now that I’m past the first trimester exhaustion, I find I’ve slipped back to my old night owl ways, staying up later and later to get a little more writing and thinking done. Of course I pay for staying up late to write when the girls wake me up at 7:00 am. But sometimes I just can’t help it. Sometimes I need these night hours to really feel alive.

And I know that this window is brief. In a few more months I’ll have a new baby and will be back to the new mother’s schedule of nursing round the clock and the brain haze that goes with it. Nope, experience tells me that this second trimester is a precious commodity and I should grab it with both hands. Even if I might have a few regrets in the morning.

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  • About little girls and falling in the potty—we toted around a giant seat for Madeleine and I felt like a big dork with it in a plastic bag—so obvious what it was!
    With Rachel, though, we found a foldable one at Meijer for less than $15 that worked just fine. Much more discreet.
    Two versions: one with Dora, the other with Spongebob. I didn’t care who was on it; it beat that huge thing. I was carrying a bag with a change of clothes just in case anyway.
    Here’s a link to one like it.

  • Thanks, Heather, They actually had this cushioned folding one with no characters for less $ than the Dora, etc. . I’m a hermit and we don’t go out all that often, so I might wait a bit to see if I think we really need to get it. But it’s good to know that option’s out there.

    For some reason it really bugs me to buy any clothes, toys, products with characters on them. The one exception is Pooh. I guess it’s a product of my mom’s policy. She was against allowing us to be walking billboards and she refused to buy stuff that we begged for after seeing it advertised on tv. Now I even pass up hand me downs with Dora on them. Not that Bella knows the difference now; but I do.

  • I am in my last few days of pregnancy, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little Melanie.  I will miss being pregnant, though.  I have loved the long, quiet evenings, just like you, and while I get the time to myself, I still relish all the interactions with the babe in utero.  A precious, precious time.