Amy Welborn Begins Blogging at Beliefnet

Amy Welborn Begins Blogging at Beliefnet

I’m late to the gate, so you’ve probably already heard that Amy has a new blog, Via Media. Go, visit, read, comment. If you don’t know Amy, you should. You really should.

This is not going to be a grief-centered blog, although I will post reflective of that reality which accompanies me now, a reality which has brought grace, a void, confusion,  spiritual growth,  but still generally sucks, I can say that a month to the day on which my husband died.

I’m still mulling over some regular features. As this first week unfolds I’ll commit to some, beginning with the next post – the very popular and (to me) fascinating, What did you see and hear?  post which will grace this space every Monday.  Or, Tuesday, in this case – look for that later today.

I’m not going to predict what this blog will be like. I’ve learned not to try to predict anything of late.  My goal is to make it newsy, meditative and …well..unpredictable.  Like life.

Let’s just say that if you can imagine a day – the same day – in which you experience a breath of grace through the voice of a child, the cool hand of an elderly priest, gently laid on yours as you pour out regrets and questions, and then the plaintive voice of Lucinda Williams singing in a darkened theater those same regrets and questions that your heart has been crying for a month now…



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  • I’m with you, Melanie. I hate the time-changes! Especially when my kids were little, it messed us up for a couple of weeks. Monday morning will be ugly, trying to get to work at 6:30 a.m. (which is really 5:30). It’s not that I’m not in favor of extra daylight, bring it on! But why don’t we just leave the time an hour ahead, and not bother changing it. I have read that changing the time twice a year actually costs more energy than it saves.
    I’m sorry you are sick, hope today is better.

  • I hate time changes. Dark mornings, light evenings …. God put the sun and the earth where they put them and I don’t see why we have to play with time schedules. I don’t see how lighter mornings saves energy if it means darker evenings. I just don’t get it.

    Fortunately, this morning, Cecilia slept until 7:30 and Felicity until 8:00 (when I woke her), so neither girl was up extra early and the time change today may work to our benefit, as Bookworm says, in terms of the girls hopefully sleeping in a bit later. But I’d prefer to never change any clocks.

  • I’m the opposite … can’t wait for daylight savings time and light evenings. The extra daylight is such a mood lifter for me. Also it comes with the faint hope that Cherub might sleep in a little later!

    I hope you are feeling better today. Can you manage to sleep sitting up?

  • I mainly hate change. And I hate that the time changes on the one day of the week I actually have to set an alarm to get up. Every other day except Sunday I get up according to the Bella and Sophie alarm system. On Sundays right after spring forward I have to go in and wake them up at 7 so we can all get ready for Mass. Ugh!

    But what actually happened today is that after having a very rough night I was feeling so sick that I decided I couldn’t handle going to mass. Especially as Dom wouldn’t be with us (He had to leave by 6:30 to visit 6 parishes as part of the launch for the Cardinal’s annual appeal). Yes, my sister offered to help; but she’s really not a morning person and I was not up to the whole challenge.

    So the girls slept until 7:45 or so and I nursed Sophie in our bed and dozed a bit more had a leisurely breakfast. So the time change didn’t affect me. Except that without it I might have been more willing to challenge myself to get over feeling sick, who knows.

    I am hopeful that the girls will give me a little more sleep this week. That part I don’t mind so much.

  • Every year I say whoever thought up Daylight Savings did not have small children.  I also was spared the worst of it last night and I’m praying that continues through the week.