What I’m NOT Giving Up for Lent

What I’m NOT Giving Up for Lent


I just wanted to make that perfectly clear.

I thought about it for a few minutes when it suddenly seemed as if half of the Catholic blogosphere (that would be the female half) was giving up chocolate for Lent. I’ve done it before and it’s nice to tear into that chocolate on Easter after not having it for 40 days. But about half an hour after I began contemplating the idea, I started to feel ill and I found myself on autopilot heading for hte chocolate bar on my dresser.

It’s medicinal, you see. Other than the annoying bitter melt-under-my-tongue pills, dark chocolate has been the only thing to control my nausea. Which had abated quite a bit but has been creeping back here and there in the past few days. A little dark chocolate in a moderate amount (a small square or two of a bigger bar) has proven to be quick acting and highly effective in making the terrible pukey feeling go away. So in addition to not fasting because I’m pregnant, I will not be giving up chocolate this year. Which does mean Easter will be a bit anti-climactic, I admit.

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