Travelling with Tots

Travelling with Tots

Sophia enjoys a book and a snack on the plane

Bella reads on the plane.

  • Waking up at 5:30 -10 points
  • Getting everyone out the door before our target time +50 points
  • Forgetting Bella’s carry on bag with necessary piggy and dolly in the car -100 points
  • Sister getting lost on Boston city streets while trying to return the bag -40 points
  • Sister successfully making it back to the airport +40 points
  • Easy check in +10 points
  • Special security checkpoint line for parents with children +60
  • Otherwise stoic Homeland security official in staring contest with Phia +30
  • Bella meltdown in security line when required to part with shoes and carry-on -25 points
  • Remembering to remove sippy cups and medicines into plastic tray +30 points
  • Forgetting applesauce -15 points
  • Security guards who didn’t insist on rescanning the applesauce once it was found in bag +20 points
  • Smooth boarding, friendly flight attendants, half-empty plane, well-behaved children +80 points
  • Sophie napping during beverage and snack service +50 points
  • Early landing, no wait at baggage carousel, brother and dad already there +50 points
  • Brother driving off without Dom in the car -15 points
  • Brother returns within minutes +15 points
  • Enchiladas, BBQ, 70 degree weather, Granddad, Grandma, doting uncles, glad to be home in Texas, even if only for a week . . . priceless

Sophie on the plane, displaying her mischievous side.


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