7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

I started this early in the week and really expected to post it before Friday. But I didn’t, so I can officially enter it into this week’s 7 Quick Takes Friday at Jen’s blog.

I’ve been listening to The Lord of the Rings on my way to and from my OB’s office, which is about half an hour away. This week I got about five minutes from the house and it reached the end of The Two Towers and I didn’t have the box for Return of the King in the car. Too far away to turn back and get it. I had to make the trip with no book and had to listen to the radio. ๐Ÿ™


My OB’s routine blood test showed I had low thyroid so they referred me to an endocrinologist. Who after feeling my throat sent me for a thyroid ultrasound. Now he wants to do a fine needle aspiration biopsy on the nodules they found on my thyroid. My web research suggests 95% probability they are benign. But it still makes me worry a bit.


Sophie is finally doing real crawling on all fours. And pulling herself up to stand on furniture. And she’s taught herself to snap and to clap her hands. She snaps when she wants to nurse, her version of the ASL sign for milk. But she’ll also snap when you say, “snap,” even if you’re just referring to clothing fastening.


At fourteen weeks I’d expect my nausea to be going away. But it’s actually worse. I’ve thrown up for the first time in this pregnancy. And I lost two pounds since last month’s OB visit. So I got a prescription for an anti-nausea drug. It may cause drowsiness. I really hope not since I’m exhausted enough as it is. Of course the nausea and exhaustion could be aggravated by my thyroid issues and not be the pregnancy.


The other night Bella came into the room and announced: “I just went to Funky Town.”


Too cool article,  shared by Karen E.:

When Schroeder pounded on his piano, his eyes clenched in a trance, the notes floating above his head were no random ink spots dropped into the key of G. Schulz carefully chose each snatch of music he drew and transcribed the notes from the score. More than an illustration, the music was a soundtrack to the strip, introducing the characters’ state of emotion, prompting one of them to ask a question or punctuating an interaction.

“The music is a character in the strip as much as the people are, because the music sets the tone,” Meredith said. To understand what gave Schroeder chills, he said, you have to listen to the musical passage. “When you actually hear the symphony, the whole thing feels completely different.”

How I want someone to post the music and comic strips on YouTube.


I’ve now got a Twitter feed. Am posting some little bits there that aren’t making it up here now.

Oh and I have a Flickr page too. Right now I’m just posting quilting projects both current and previous, so that I can have all my quilting stuff in one basket so to speak. Eventually I may expand to other things. Or maybe not.


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  • I guess my timing was wrong.  I asked my 3 year old son to watch the video during the 1/2 hr of tv time we give him in the morning.  After 23 seconds of Bach, he said “I want to watch more Mickey Mouse”.