Fa La La La La La La La La

Fa La La La La La La La La

Yes! Dom went and got a tree tonight after work. And then we discovered it was too big to fit into our old tree stand so he had to go back out and visit three different stores to find a new stand. And then had to come home and cook dinner because I just couldn’t. My hero!

Isabella absolutely refused to go to bed until the lights were on the tree. So we complied. Who could resist such pleading? She’s up way past her bedtime, going through the box of Christmas decorations with wide eyes. And wondering when she’s going to get to open her presents. No, I haven’t wrapped them yet. They’ll go under the tree tomorrow night after she’s in bed. She just knows that with trees come presents and she wants hers. Now.

We are finding new places for our familiar decorations. We had to improvise on the stocking placement as we can’t drill holes into the brick over the fireplace. They are instead hanging in the faux-brick over the couch.

Leaving all the trimming to the last minute wasn’t the plan. But I don’t mind. Except for how tired I am right now. It’s been a long, full day. And I just realized that I absolutely must make a run to the store tomorrow. We need two more stockings to hang. And Sophia is almost out of diapers.

Oh my sister is going to be pleasantly surprised when she comes home from work tonight. She has no idea that tonight is the night.

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