Sew Nice

Sew Nice

I actually got a little sewing done today. Sophie played quietly on the floor in the sewing room (Just needing to be uprighted a couple of times when she toppled, we’re working on sitting up.) while I dusted off my sewing machine and stitched together a few quilt squares.

I’m trying out the disappearing nine patch which Melissa Wiley pointed out recently. I have some nine patch scraps—left over from the quilt I made for my sister long ago when I was expecting Bella—that just need to be sewn together and then cut apart and rearranged.

Image of me piecing the border of the quilt I made for my sister. Reminds me what I can accomplish when pregnant as almost all of this was done during my second trimester. I just realized I’ve never actually blogged this quilt as I never snagged the pictures from Dom. I loved, loved, loved the way this one came out.

I was amazed I had the energy to do anything today; but I got a good sleep last night, only one wake up, and a nice snooze when I put Sophie down for her nap. I’m still skeptical that I can get this project done by Christmas; but it was nice to make a start at least.

A nice bonus was the warm afternoon sun spilling through the window onto my sewing table. And a front row seat to a beautiful sunset.

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