Sunny today and warm for December

Sunny today and warm for December

Sophia was very very cranky after she woke up from her morning nap. I think it’s gas and constipation… from one extreme to the other, poor thing. I administered some diced raisins. She was much happier when outside, so sis and I took the girls for a long walk.

We went all the way downtown and stopped at the little convenience store to grab some milk and potatoes (the potatoes were on the rather old side, but as they are one of the only foods Phia can eat, I made do.) Bella had a moment of panic when we passed the point of the furthest she’d previously been from home, but was soon mollified by a promise of going to the store.

We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed some cows in the backyard of one of the houses we passed. Bella was very excited and wanted to get closer when we passed them again on our way back home, but I didn’t think they’d appreciate our trespassing.

I know I feel much better when I get out of the house and get some exercise, but it can be so hard to overcome inertia and the weather hasn’t been the greatest.

I made an effort to eat a little healthier today and that has also helped. Breakfast was a fried egg and toast. I’ve had to give up my beloved oatmeal. I just can’t handle all the carbs when pregnant. Then mid morning snack was cheddar cheese and a pomegranate. Lunch was a green salad with some sliced steak. Afternoon snack more cheese and pomegranate. Making sure I get protein frequently does help a lot. But it has to be the right kind of protein.

Also, getting to bed on time. Too many nights recently when I’ve pushed myself to stay up far too late. I actually watched a movie the other night with Dom (Paycheck with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman.) Haven’t done that in so long, it was really nice. But I knew I’d regret it. Add lots of energy expended prepping for the party and at the party and I needed some extra recuperative sleep.

Such a fine line to walk when pregnant. I know I need to watch diet, exercise and rest much more and not overextend myself. But sometimes I can become over sensitive and start neglecting family and housekeeping in vain attempts to forestall feeling ill. I use pregnancy as an excuse to not do things I don’t want to. How to be generous to others and yet also kind to myself and the new one I’m currently growing…. I tend to be a pendulum swinging too far one way and then too far the other way.

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  • Maybe an idea, so you don’t get to the point of snapping? (I have so been there..)  It might work just to tell Bella: “Yes, Mama is a little tired now, can you play a quiet game by yourself?”  I’m not sure if Bella is really old enough yet to play something by herself, but it is OK to suggest it to her and for the game to stop. Or pause, at least.

  • Thanks, Cathy. Bella is very, very good at playing by herself. Until she needs attention. And then she is very needy indeed and not really easy to redirect. We’re working on it; but not there yet. She’s only two, I remind myself. She sometimes seems so mature for her age. But those emotions and self-control still have a long way to go.

  • I didn’t know you were expecting again-congrats and I am saying a quick prayer for you and all those difficult moments that must be gotten through as a mom. Thanks for the reminder of where to turn.