A Plague of Moths and Seven other Quick Takes

A Plague of Moths and Seven other Quick Takes

Our house has become besieged by moths. We’ve noticed them on the glass door the past few days. Tonight when Dom went out to take out the trash a swarm of a dozen or so flew in. It seems quite late in the year for insects.

Already my sister has become an indispensable part of Bella’s bedtime routine. She is the one chosen to put on Bella’s diaper and pajamas after her bath. Tonight I got to witness the very particular ritual which involved Isabella taking off her bath towel and carefully spreading it out on the floor, as if on a sunny beach. More time was spent smoothing out the wrinkles than was spent lying on the towel.

I’d almost forgotten how sweet tempered and happy a child Sophia is when she’s not feeling bad. She was so sunny and laughing and willing to roll around playing on the floor for long periods of time. Not clinging, whining, fussing or complaining.

I got the advent wreath out Saturday night and put the candles in it and wrapped a pretty green garland around it. But we still haven’t lit the candles. I haven’t found the prayer book or printed off prayers from the internet. Plus we didn’t do a sit down dinner yesterday and tonight we just ordered a pizza. it’s hard to make a production of dinner when I’m fighting nausea. Oh well, Bella likes the idea of candles and exclaims over them.

About that nausea. The absolute worst time to have to look for a new OB is when one is in the throes of morning sickness. I just find it hard to muster up the energy to even think about where to start.

I meant to leave the bin with Christmas and advent stuff out where we could get to it, but in the haste to clean up for the party, it got buried in the storage shed. I still need to dig out all of Bella’s Christmas books.

How fun will it be to read them to her! Oh yeah, not fun at all when reading makes me want to vomit. Maybe my sister can read them. I like Karen E.‘s no panic philosophy of advent. This year I’m aiming for very low stress. We’ll start lots of fun advent traditions next year.

Cutest moments of the day: Sophia splashing in the tub. And Bella singing Amazing grace segueing into America the Beautiful then Bingo then Charming Billy. (And now she even has almost recognizable tunes to many of them.)

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  • I just thought I’d let you know, you’re not alone. I’ve been struggling too. The nausea makes me just want to sit or lay down and I hate going into the kitchen or deal with a dirty diaper. Getting done the things I need to do – like feed the girls and change diapers – is challenging enough where it makes it so much harder to get done the other stuff – like cleaning. For some reason, Cecilia has been really acting up since Thanksgiving. I won’t go into details, and she has her good and even great moments, but she has been really pushing her boundaries lately and I have to admit, being tired and nauseous, my patience has not been at its peak.
    Of course it is a joy to be pregnant, but it makes everything more challenging in its own way and sometimes I just don’t handle it as well as I wish I would.

  • “I use pregnancy as an excuse to not do things I don’t want to.” Sounds like a good plan to me! Be kind to yourself; if you can just get past the “queasies” you will feel more like doing your usual things. (By the way, congratulations!)
    On the subject of wheat and oat sensitivities, you might want to check out “You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free” by Roben Ryberg. It has some bread and baked goods recipes based on sorghum, potato, and corn flours which are said to be very good.
    Praying for you!