New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Last summer we moved and a week or so after we moved I learned that I was expecting Sophia. That slowed down settling in quite a bit. In fact, we never finished unpacking. Well, here we go again. A new house, a new cause for joy.

Early Monday morning I woke up in the darkness and, unable to get back to sleep, tried to do some simple math. I fell back into sleep fairly certain I knew what the answer would be. When I did finally get up for the day, I looked at a calendar and did some more calculating. And then had my calculations confirmed by a simple test: two pink lines told me what my heart already knew.

Last night we added a new line to our family prayers that gave Isabella a little bit of a jolt. I blessed her and Dom with holy water and then drew a cross on my abdomen: “And God bless the new baby in Mommy’s belly.”

“Phia was in Mama’s belly.” Isabella responded.

“Yes, and then Phia came out. Now there’s a new baby in Mama’s belly.”

“Phia came out,” she paused and then added, “A new baby in the waters.” You can tell Angel in the Waters made an impact.

And so now I know why my energy levels have been so low. And it wasn’t eating too many of Dom’s hot wings that made me feel queasy on Sunday. No just a little one slowly being built in the dark places.

I rejoice to know that there is in the world a new soul who will live forever and that God has allowed me to play a part in bringing this new soul into being. Our own little miracle. And so I will enter into another Advent season with increased expectation, an opportunity to meditate on the miracle of life. The Creator of the universe once was this little, unseen but not unknown. I will ponder these things in my heart.

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