A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

The very nice people at the auto repair place dropped my car off last night. Actually, the guy who dropped it off is a friend of my brother-in-law, who recommended this place to us. So today was shopping day.

We went to Wal-Mart and I got some drapes and curtain rods and a few other necessary odds and ends. Then we went to the grocery store. So far I’m still searching for the grocery store where I’ll do most of my shopping. The two I’ve tried so far are generally more expensive than the discount grocery where I used to do all my shopping. Sadly, that chain doesn’t have any stores around here. I spent at least $20-25 more today than I normally would for the same selection of items. Ouch!

There’s still much organizing and sorting to do but I just don’t have the energy right now. I did manage to sort and fold some laundry first thing this morning. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to actually see Dom in the mornings? And how much easier it is getting the girls up when he can change Bella while I’m feeding Sophie? But the one side effect of the move coinciding with the time change is that the girls are now getting up at 6:30 when Dom’s alarm goes off. They had been getting up at 7:30. Oh well. They love seeing daddy in the mornings and I know he loves seeing them.

Now the girls are napping—i hope Sophie will be out for a while, though that’s not very likely. It’s gray and wet out, a very Novemberish sort of day. I feel like curling up and going to sleep but Sophie is in my room. Maybe I can get comfortable here on the couch. I’ve got some book reviews to write up, too; but my head just isn’t there right now. Maybe once things get a bit more settled.


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  • Lovely, lovely! Looks like your yard has nice trees, it looks beautiful. And a laundry room!
    What Rosary CD do you listen to, if I may ask? I have none, the idea seems a little odd to me, but these days I’m so distracted and lazy (and depressed about the election…) that I feel I need “something” – and maybe a Rosary CD might be “it”…
    I love what you say: “I am so looking forward to giving myself all these reminders to pray and be mindful and to make our home an imitation of the home in Nazareth.” Every time I turn a page in my life (a new baby, a move,…) I find myself full of these good intentions, which I proceed to neglect much of the time – shame on me wink

  • This is the rosary cd. It has the entire rosary from the opening prayers through the joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries. Before each Hail Mary is a short meditation from the writings of St. Therese. Each mystery has a focus for the meditation like obedience for the presentation, piety for the finding of Jesus in the temple, etc.

    I bought it thinking of using it to help me pray in the car. Haven’t actually done that much. But I loaded it onto my iTunes so when I shuffle songs the rosary comes up in the mix. It’s a nice random reminder to pray. And a nice way to teach Bella about the rosary. She tolerates the cd much better than me just reciting the prayers for some reason.

    I’m also full of good intentions but poor follow through, so I completely understand.


  • The bread recipe is just an adaptation of a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated that Dom reposted here. The only difference is that I replace a little more than half of the bread flour with whole wheat flour. I don’t usually measure out exact amounts of each, just put the bowl on my kitchen scale, scoop in some whole wheat flour and then some bread flour until I get to 17 and a half ounces. I play with the proportions of white to wheat every time I make the recipe. Dom makes it with much less whole wheat flour, I make it with much more. Bella gobbles it no matter how it’s made.

    Yes, I am very excited to finally be able to set up the prie dieu. It was sad to have it in the garage for months and months, but there just wasn’t room in the apartment. Eventually I’d like to find a small table or chest or small bureau of some kind to make into an altar that I can set up in front of the prie dieu. Then I can arrange a statue or two and some candles, our framed relics and other oddments. Our printer stand is exactly the right height and has a nice shelf but then we’d have to find a new printer stand. Oh well, one step at a time.

  • Thanks for posting some house pictures.  It looks cozy!  I love the laundry room window—any room where mothers have to spend a lot of time ought to have windows.  I remember an apartment we lived in in which the kitchen had no windows.  Ugh.

  • I made the bread in the bread machine. It didn’t look as pretty as yours because of the pan shape – loaf as tall as it was long – but it tasted delicious and disappeared in short order. I intended to make half and half, but found I was out of wholewheat so made it with just white flour. Half and half next time smile.

  • I’m glad it came out all tasty. I’ve heard that if you want a pretty loaf you can let the bread machine knead the dough and rise it and then you can transfer it to a loaf pan for baking. Though I’d probably just put up with the less pretty loaf for convenience sake.

  • My thoughts exactly wink. It isn’t as though the loaf would have had a chance to sit around looking pretty anyway – it got attacked by starving children as soon as it was cool enough.