Vacuum Woes

Vacuum Woes

This morning I realized I really, really needed to vacuum. Well I’d realized before but this morning I decided that it was now at the top of the priority list and was going to happen. Especially after I fished two leaves out of Sophie’s mouth.

I was moving right along, vacuuming the hallway, the dining room, the kitchen; but it wasn’t sucking well at all. Did it need a new bag? Perhaps, though the bag indicator didn’t show full. I decided to open the door and check it anyway. It was more than just full, it was backed up into the hose connector. So much for the bag indicator.

I found a new bag. Fortunately, I had seen the box with the bags last night as I was moving things around. I changed the bag and it still was not sucking well. Must be a clog in the hose somewhere. All the backed up carpet fuzz. The one annoying thing about our lovely, new carpets is how much they shed. Little fibers everywhere!

So I figured out how to detach the hose and then with a wire hanger I fished out at least 8 inches of tightly packed fuzz and dirt. And a bic pen. Oops! Much, much better suction after that. The amazing thing is that it was sucking anything at all.

So now you can tell I don’t have the best of relationships with my vacuum, to say the least.

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