Sophia threw up once more this morning; but has been fine this afternoon. I put all my unpacking, organizing and cleaning plans on hold and spent the afternoon holding her. She took her nap in my arms because she wasn’t able to go to sleep on her own and I didn’t want to try to have her cry it out if there was a chance she could get sick. She seems much better this evening. Is currently rolling on the floor at my feet and laughing and making all sorts of noises at me.

I went through three shirts and a sweater today. Sophie wore two outfits and Bella two pairs of pants. The pants because she insisted on going out first thing after breakfast and got soaking wet sliding.

The minivan is going to cost $800 to fix. Ugh.

Our cable is out. Not the internet, just the television, oddly enough. The cable guy is coming tomorrow afternoon.

So at least another day before I get curtain rods and curtains for the bare windows. We didn’t buy enough of the short rods. Oops.

Another home cooked meal. It’s starting to feel real.

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  • We had power when moving into our house. Basically the power provider (power deregulation in TX means there are a lot of providers these days) turned on our power, discovered that i had an old acct with them from 5 years ago that had a $3 balance. They decided to turn off the power for nonpayment 2 days later without notifying us at all. It went off the day we were moving in, and they said it would be 2 weeks before they could turn it back on. But we got the main power company (the guys that actually own the lines) to turn it back on as an emergency power connect by midnight that day, because i was pregnant and ill at the time. We payed the $3 but went with a different power co from then on.

    You may want to be sure that they know you look after two small children. That may keep them from shutting it off again or enable a quick reconnect. Good luck with electrician. grin

  • Kathryn,

    Yes, this too shall pass. Funny enough if the car hadn’t been in the shop this morning, I probably wouldn’t have been here. I’d have been out shopping. Didn’t think I could be happy about not having a car, but there you are.


    Wow over a $3 bill!

    Oh I’ve made sure everyone I talked to knew I had two small children. I think that’s why the lady was willing to turn the power back on before she left.

    I think in Massachusetts if you have small children, are pregnant, elderly, etc they can’t shut you off for non-payment in the winter. But since this is for an inspection issue, they could technically refuse for safety reasons. Fortunately they seem to be reasonable all round.

  • Sorry, I should have update.

    Sophie is doing fine.

    The car came back this afternoon. $775. Good thing Bernie knew a guy nearby. He even drove the car back here so we didn’t have to fetch it.

    Definitely Murphy’s Law. Though the timing of the car and the electrician means that I definitely had some angel watching over me. Had the car been done yesterday, I’d have been out when they shut off the power and I might still be fighting to get it turned back on.