Big sigh. Almost all of the boxes that can be emptied have been. We’ve been working hard to restore some sense of normality.

We still need more shelves for pantry goods in the laundry/storage room. And we need some sort of place to put all the extra glassware that was formerly in the built-in cabinet in the dining room.

There are some boxes of office supplies and maybe half a dozen boxes of books left. Most of the books are on shelves but in no sort of order. Organizing them will be a project. Oh and of course the requisite half dozen boxes of odds and ends and junk that should probably have been thrown away but got moved because we ran out of time to sort and just threw everything into boxes.

I really need to organize my clothes. Dom and I have gone from separate closets to a shared closet. Not as much space so I’ll need to actually store the clothes I’m not currently wearing: summer clothes, maternity clothes, clothes that no longer fit post-baby but I can’t quite bring myself to part with.

I need to buy curtain rods for the bathroom and the extra bedroom. I need to buy curtains. I need to hang pictures. I need to buy new slippers because the plastic soles on these slippers are rapidly disintegrating. I have huge holes on the bottom of each foot.

And I can’t do any of it until the car is fixed. Tomorrow morning Dom will drop it off at the garage.

Fortunately his brother recommended a guy he knows in the area. So perhaps tomorrow Bella and I will break in my brand new oven and bake a loaf of bread. 

I did cook my first dinner in the new house: sausage and tomato sauce over penne. Just about all I could cook with what was in my fridge. I’m all out of onions now, had to use my last red onion in the pasta sauce. Don’t know what I’ll do about tomorrow night’s dinner. I don’t know how to cook without onion.

Now I’m plotting where to hang pictures while Dom sets up his desk. Thinking I should go to bed soon. Fretting and fuming because in all the chaos we never did get our absentee ballots and we won’t be able to make it back to Peabody to vote tomorrow what with the car in the shop. Not that my vote really matters in the presidential election anyway. But if the proposition to abolish the income tax doesn’t pass, I’ll just know it’s because I didn’t vote. And I don’t think I’ll even be able to make it to the special election day adoration at our parish. Not without a car and with two small children. (Have I mentioned how awesomely pro-life our new pastor is?)

So I think I really should get myself to bed. Sophie’s been teething and having tough nights. Poor thing.

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  • sounds like you have the same type of relationship a protologist has with his patient… but less medical mess…