First Night—Scattered Thoughts

First Night—Scattered Thoughts

Last night was our first night in the new house. I slept so well. (Friday night I only got about 4 ours of sleep. Woke up at 3 and didn’t get back to sleep until after 5.) The girls slept well too. Not a peep all night long.

We attended mass at our new parish this morning, St. Joseph’s in Holbrook. The pastor is a family friend and knows my brother-in-law and his family very well. He gave us a very warm welcome after mass. He’s also very strongly pro-life, made an amazing statement at the end of mass that made me want to stand up and cheer. He’s having Eucharistic adoration all day on Tuesday to pray for the election. We’ll have to stop by and make a visit if we can. Sophia made her presence known during the closing prayer, so I think we’ve been recognized as the new family.

The movers were amazing. They worked hard and came in $600 under estimate. Anyone in the Boston area needs movers, I’ll give you their name.

Thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of my dad and my mother in law, who came from Texas and Maine respectively, the house is starting to look like a real house. We still need to get shelving for the laundry room to put our canned and dry goods on. This kitchen is very nice but has less than half the cupboard space of our apartment. But the living room is set up and the girl’s room. We’re starting to put books on shelves in the office. Right now it’s a maze with about 40 boxes of books piled everywhere. But when it’s done it will be a wonderful library, lined with shelves.

I’ll post pictures when things look a little more presentable. Right now all is chaos. I have a feeling in the next few weeks there’s going to be a lot of “I don’t know where that is.”

Still need to get the plumber in to take care of some issues in the bathroom. And the heating system needs a bit of work. And my minivan is having some sort of issue, probably with the suspension. Got to take it in to the shop tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone whose prayers have sustained us during this chaotic and stressful time. I’ll try to start posting more regularly though things may continue to be erratic in the next few weeks as we settle in.

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  • It sounds as though you are settling in well. It would bug me terribly to have no opportunity to vote if I were in your shoes, so I can understand why you are irritated :(. I hope that your car is fixed quickly.

  • I don’t envy you at all.    I despise moving – the unpacking, learning the aisles in the local groceries, the new parish, the unfamiliar.    A couple of weeks after we’d moved into our house a dozen years ago, I remember telling my husband, this was it, I was never moving again.    It was only several years later, after we’d gone into the fifth month of construction on our addition, that I admitted maybe we should’ve given other homes a look before embarking on a project that would more than double the size of our home.   

    But now we’ve got too much clutter and we’re more set in our ways than ever.    These days, even my husband agrees: Next stop, Holy Sep.  (Holy Sepulchre – the local Catholic cemetery).

    Anyway, congratulations.    I’ll say some prayers for a smooth transition for you and your family.