Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time


It’s that time again. Cool weather. Bright orange pumpkins.

Last week Bella and I bought a little pumpkin at our town’s farm. Last night I butchered it and made my favorite pumpkin-leek risotto. Yum! Spicy goodness, the perfect thing when I have stopped-up sinuses.

The only hitch was that I somehow remembered this as a relatively quick dish. I didn’t start with my pumpkin butchering early enough and it was a particularly hard pumpkin—perhaps a little unripe?—so it took Dom to make the initial cuts and then it took me some time to hack it up and peel off the rind. Anyway, what with one thing and another we didn’t eat until late and then had to skip Bella’s bath and put her straight to bed. Oh well.

I know risottos are supposed to be eaten straight away. And it is really good then. But this one at least does make good leftovers. A wonderful lunch for a rainy day.

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