New in the Kitchen

New in the Kitchen

Pumpkin molasses muffins with oatmeal

This is the latest in my attempts to find healthy muffins that will serve as breakfast for Dom and snacks for Bella and myself. It�s my own mishmash of several recipes I found online.

�Bella, let�s go make muffins,� I announced this morning.

�One teaspoon of baking soda. One teaspoon of baking powder. One teaspoon of cinnamon,� she declared.

Though I wouldn�t necessarily follow her measurements (everything is one teaspoon) Bella did help me in developing the recipe. She dumped cupsful and spoonsful of ingredients into the bowl and stirred everything vigorously and then made sure I greased every well in the muffin pan. She also insisted that I use vegetable oil rather than the butter that one recipe suggested. Rather than face meltdown, I acceded to her demands.

I�m still stumped as to what to do with the extra pumpkin in the can. I do wish I could find a recipe that calls for a whole can. I�m just not brave enough to experiment and figure out the proper proportions.

Purslane, tomato, and tomatillo soup with new potatoes

This was a last-minute decision for last night’s dinner.

I used tomatoes, purslane, fingerling potatoes and cilantro from Saturday�s foray to the farmer�s market. Since this was a last-minute dinner decision, I had to use canned tomatillos and dried thyme. Even with these substitutions, this was still one of the best soups I�ve ever made.

I served it with toasted slices of my homemade honey whole wheat bread.

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