These Are Cool

These Are Cool

Regina Doman introduces me to a novel sort of child’s play house: Waldorf-style playstands.

a playstand is a simple movable wooden shelf that children can use to create houses, have a little store, do a puppet show, or any other kind of imaginative play. Because most children use them to make houses or shelters of some kind, it’s become popular to make simple canopy frame that fit over the tops so that older children can play in them as well. Two playstands plus a sheet makes a playhouse: and unlike the traditional playhouse, this one can morph easily into a castle, store, or cave with the addition of a little child imagination!

Check it out. Regina’s brother-in-law makes and sells them and the price seems to be very reasonable.

I just thought this was a really cool idea for kids’ play house, very versatile can be used for so many activities. I’d have loved to have something like this when I was a kid. My favorite toys were the ones that gave me the most scope for my imagination.  I’d love to have someone make something of the kind for Bella, though we currently don’t have room. Maybe when we finally get our own place.


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  • Thank you for this, Melanie.

    I am a member of a book group, which I love, but we DON’T delve into the books as deeply as I’d like.  We’ve read some amazing stuff, but we don’t discuss it enough.

    I’ll get this book and read…..I’ve like Ron Hansen in the past.