Not at All Well

Something about deciding to go to the doctor sent me over the edge. I was coping, not feeling great but coping. Yesterday and today I have felt really, really, really sick. Every muscle in my body aches and my skin feels as if some gnomes have been creeping into my bed at night and rubbing me down with sandpaper. (Sophie? have you been playing with daddy’s tool box?) If I didn’t have the two wee ones to watch over I’d have spent the day in bed. And the antibiotics seem to be upsetting my digestive system as well.

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  1. Anne August 29, 2008 at 8:54 am #

    Do you have a list of books that you plan to read to your children?  Or a list of books somewhere on the blog that you were fond of as a child?  I ask because my little monkey just turned 3 and is a big “reader” and i find that I am unable to keep up with his insatiable desire for new books.  He doesn’t like to pick them out from the library [I don’t know why] and I find ones that I’ve picked out aren’t that great [I chose at random to try new things].  I find that your book reviews are very helpful and so I am now hoping that you can help me and my little reader!

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