New Blogs!!!

New Blogs!!!

via Philosopher mom, I discovered blogging the body:

We are a group of 7 Catholic women who have committed to read Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, to respond to it, and to discuss the text, itself, and our responses to it with other women. We have all committed to this endeavor as an intellectual and spiritual discipline. Those of us who sit at this virtual table bring with us diverse experiences and charisms. We are 6 cradle Catholics and 1 convert; Some of us are married and some of us are single, 1 has children, 1 lives with her boyfriend; 3 of us are from the Northeast, 2 of us are from the South, 1 of us is from the Midwest and 1 of us is an army brat; We are now located in urban places (Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC) and less-than-urban places (small-town Georgia and Idaho); Between us, we have 7 BAs, 4 MAs, 1 M.Div and one of us is ABD in Philosophy; Although education and formation may flourish best outside of institutions, we are proud of those to which we have been affiliated and that have tempted us to seek the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

I look forward to following along. I only wish I had the book. But precisely because I had little hope of getting through it without a reading group or other support, it’s been pushed down to the bottom of my wish list the last few times I’ve had a gift certificate to Amazon burning a hole in my pocket. Now, of course, I wish I’d gone ahead and got it anyway.

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Faith and Family Live:

It is our sincere hope that Faith & Family Live! will become a daily stop for Catholic moms seeking resources, encouragement, support, and companionship as they embrace their vocations to marriage and motherhood. We plan to share personal struggles and triumphs here, challenges and joys, and also the lighter side of Catholic living.

Check out this awesome new group blog brought to you by Faith and Family magazine. There is already so much to see, great stuff from Danielle Bean, Lisa Hendey, Rachel Balducci, Arwen Mosher, and Rebecca Teti. 

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And some people seem to feel there aren’t enough great Catholic dad bloggers out there. I personally disagree, but also feel that there’s always room for one more. Check out Dracut Musings a blog from a Catholic dad in Dracut, MA, and welcome Brian Flaherty to the blogosphere.

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