A Quiet Fourth

A Quiet Fourth

I got to sleep in this morning, a rare holiday treat. Sophia’s no longer my sleep all night baby and has been waking up every couple of hours and thinking that 4 am is play time. Which is exactly the time of night that I find it hardest to drag myself from bed and stay calm and collected, much less pleasant.

Some people do spring cleaning. We were a little busy this spring with our new arrival. So we’re doing summer cleaning. Yes, I finally packed away the winter coats and hats and scarves and mittens. Dom is doing a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, which it definitely needs.

I’m also making lemon-poppyseed bread. I had a black bean and corn salsa with avocados for lunch, with watermelon for dessert. Hot dogs for dinner, if the weather permits. I’m contemplating making up a bowl of taboule too, just because.

It’s one of those New England wet days of summer, the temperature is in the lower seventies and all the windows are open to catch the deliciously cool breezes. You don’t get days like this in Texas between June and September. There, even if it rains, it’s still hot.

Laughing at Sophia who is managing to cram both her thumb and her big toe into her mouth at the same time. And watching Sophia laughing at her sister. Delightful.

Even if the weather were conducive to fireworks we wouldn’t be going tonight, though I dearly love them. But the main point would be to watch Bella oooh and aaaah and since she’s the girl who covers her ears when a big truck drives by the house and who covers her ears, whimpers and runs away when I run the blender, food processor, or vacuum cleaner…. yeah, I don’t even want to see what her reaction would be to things that make loud booms. Even if they are pretty to look at. The only reason I can see for keeping her up past her bedtime would be to entertain her, not to traumatize the poor dear. Maybe next year….


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