…and more waiting….

…and more waiting….

We’ve done countless laps around the ward. I know every door in the birthing center by heart. Witnessed some drama at the nurse’s stations and saw some cute babies in the nursery. Otherwise, it’s a boring circuit.

I miss Isabella. I keep hearing her little voice saying, “I climb,” whenever she steps up onto her stool. (Not sure why that’s what I hear, but it is.) I think this is the longest I’ve ever been away from her. I’m hoping my mom is able to put her to bed without too much fuss and anguish. Poor little girl. At least my mom is here to be with her. that is such an amazing blessing. And I know grandma is having a wonderful time bonding with her granddaughter.

Still bored. Still waiting. The doctor says I can have dinner so Dom’s gone to get something for both of us (the hospital cafeteria being closed, which is just as well).

I think I’ll try to sleep as soon as I’ve eaten. This is going down in the books as one of the longest days EVER.

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  • aaargh! 

    (PS – You’ve been in my prayers.  I was thinking about you yesterday – the second of my six little ‘compulsions’ turned 27!  March birthdays are the best cure for the winter doldrums smile  )

  • I hope all is well! This was a wonderful post – sometimes I can’t believe how the secular world gets everything so backwards and upside down…

    Praying for you…

  • ” children from large families don’t fare as well because “parental resources are a fixed pie, and children do better when they get more attention [and money].”

    Well, it certainly depends on how one defines “do better”.  Is the measuring stick growth in holiness, positive character traits, and virtue, or is the measuring stick “stuff you can buy”?

  • Wow, this post is fantastic! That article really bothered me and you’ve articulated why so well. I am soooo impressed that you wrote this while in labor! Congrats on your new little one!

  • Your best writing ever.

    Congratulations on Sophia Therese. Hope your c-section recovery goes well. (Had 7 myself) Baby yourself and you will recover faster and take your pain medication on schedule even before you need it. (I never leave the hospital w/o percocet).

    Thanks to God and her guardian angel that she is so beautiful and healthy even w/ the umbilical cord!