Picture book review: Two Tiny Mice

Picture book review: Two Tiny Mice

Two Tiny Mice

This book was highly recommended by The Bookworm, whose daughter is Bella’s age. It’s been as big a hit at our house as it was at hers. It doesn’t look like it’s in print here in the US. I was lucky to obtain a copy via Book Mooch; but I do notice there are some used copies available via Amazon.

I adore the artwork. I wouldn’t mind having most of these pages framed and hanging in my house. I love the soft watercolor with very fine pen and ink detailing. The artist is obviously a careful observer of wildlife and habitats and each page spread is full of luscious details. The animals and landscapes are obviously British; but many of the species are similar to those here in New England and certainly they are no more foreign than my beloved Beatrix Potter’s animals.

The text is short and simple, perfect for Bella’s attention span. But most of the time we just turn the pages and point at the animals and flowers.

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