It’s good to be in Texas

It’s good to be in Texas

Bella is loving Texas!

We had a good travel day yesterday, despite a few hiccups. Our plane was delayed departing and then we had a 120 mph headwind the whole way, so it was a long flight. But Bella was remarkably good. I won’t say she didn’t fuss at all—that wouldn’t be good, that would be miraculous!—but she didn’t fuss long and she didn’t try to misbehave. No running up and down the aisles or other unruly behavior. Just the normal frustration of being enclosed in a cramped and unfamiliar space. She only fell asleep at the very end, perhaps the last 45 minutes.

When we got to the house she didn’t want to go inside, my dad carried her straight through to the back yard where she was in heaven picking up pecans and running up and down the flagstone paths. No snow on the ground meant she could just flop down anywhere. She kept running in and out throughout the afternoon and evening until the sun went down.

I however, went right in because mom had several varieties of tamales waiting for me. Mmmm, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without tamales.

We went to dinner last night at my dad’s regular Tex-Mex eatery (He goes there every Thursday night while my mom goes bowling) and had some awesome enchiladas. Bella ate an entire quesadilla, sliced avocado, beans and rice and some chicken from my enchiladas. My family was quite impressed. my belly was quite happy. I could eat enchiladas every day and there are no good ones to be had in our part of Massachusetts at least.

Bella did wake up in the night a couple of times and I had to go in and rock her back to sleep once. And she got up early, at 6 local time. But on the whole not too bad. She took about an hour nap today, though.

Now she’s off on her second walk of the day with granddad. They went to the local elementary school this morning where she played on the slides and swings until she was so tired grand dad had to carry her home where she fell asleep in daddy’s arms while munching on a piece of bread.

Still to come: more Tex-Mex, bbq, and a fun meet up with some Austin-area bloggers. More about that later.

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