Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Via my sister in law, from a mom in the local Catholic homeschooling group:

Can you please ask the prayerline to storm heaven with prayers for Jadan and her family.  As her mother was snowblowing the driveway Jadan somehow fell into the snowblower!!!  She is on life support at Children’s Hospital.

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  • OK, wow. I’ve been praying for a week for God to show me how I can work the Liturgy of the Hours into my busy life…and I sat down to surf the web just now and am constantly coming across helpful posts about praying the Liturgy of the Hours. This is like the third or fourth one. Wow. Ask and ye shall receive!

  • Wow, Jen, that’s awesome. Always thrilling to be a part of an answer to someone’s prayer!

    I’ve blogged before about praying the Liturgy but for some reason really felt called to write about Elizabeth’s blog post and add some of my own thoughts and experiences. I’d love to know what other posts you’ve found.

  • I think I know at least one reason why you may have felt called to write that. smile

    I was on my MIL’s computer when I did my surfing but will try to go through and find the other posts I came across. It was really eerie.

  • Add another coincidence to your list.

    My dad just pointed me to this wonderful site that has many Liturgy of the Hours resources, including online tutorials and a general overview of Church documents on the subject. 

    Also daily guides for the four volume set as well as for the one-volume Christian Prayer. Whew, now I don’t have to go buy a guide for 2008, I can just print it off.