…and more snow…

…and more snow…

It’s another day of wintry weather. It started snowing about five this morning. I know because I woke up at around 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and had a snack and chatted with my sister on IM for a while (she’s up sick with a cold). It snowed hard and heavy until after 9 and ten changed to sleet.

So we haven’t made it out to mass. Even the 9 am at the church around the corner didn’t seem like a great idea with the sidewalks unshoveled, the roads unplowed and visibility very low. i might have chanced it but my cautious husband didn’t want his pregnant wife and child walking in the street, even for if it’s just 2 blocks.

But I put Bella in a dress anyway and she’s clomping about the house in her patent leather shoes, quite pleased with herself.

Maybe I’ll put up some Christmas decorations this afternoon.


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