A Dinner Party

A Dinner Party

We had our friends Paul and Rose over for dinner last night…. and their son, Joseph, of course, who is six months older than Bella. I was curious as to how the two toddlers would interact. The got along amazingly well.

I’ve never seen Bella play with another child as she was playing with Joseph. The two of them were very cute and only had a few moments where one had something that the other wanted. At one point Joseph held Bella’s sippy cup so she could drink out of it. (The cup with the straw.) At another they had the throw pillows from the couch on the living room floor and Joseph kept telling Bella to put her head down on the pillow. She complied, laughing, and he put his head down next to her. When Joseph tried to give her a hug, though, she didn’t know what to do. He pushed her over and she just laughed. She did, however, try to give him a kiss when they were saying goodnight.

It was so fun watching the two of them together….I think we’ll have to arrange another play date soon.

It was very nice to have company over. Other than brief visits by some of Dom’s family and two visits from my dad, we haven’t actually entertained since we moved in. Mostly because of the first trimester of pregnancy combining with it taking forever to actually finish unpacking and getting the house into reasonable order.

I had fun pulling out a table cloth and setting the table with candles. We made a nice roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, glazed carrots, and brussels spouts with bacon. Paul and Rose brought a nice marguerita pie for dessert. But the best part of the evening was just relaxing and chatting with good friends. We really need to make a point of entertaining friends more often.

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  • How could I not go into withdraw from such a wonderful gift from God.  She is such a treasure.  How God has blessed you with this beautifual child.

  • She is just so precious beyond words.  I love it when you post pictures of her.  And you look just like your dad, and of course Bella is the image of you!