Autumn in the Neighborhood

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings Bella and I braved the damp and took some lovely walks around the neighborhood. She only protested a little when I put the rain cover on the stroller. I collected colorful leaves as they caught my eye and handed them to her as we went. She’s almost as enthusiastic about them as I am.

When we got home I spread our collection on the porch to take a picture, thinking they would look nice against the worn boards. It was a tough shoot, though. Every time I’d lay some leaves down, Bella would pick them up and put them in the empty flower pot. But I did manage to get some nice photos.

A collection of colorful leaves.

A close-up of one of my favorites.

I found this branch of maple leaves and brought it home to stick in a bottle. Sadly, they look rather droopy in the house, not bright and cheerful like I’d imagined.

The bush outside our kitchen window.

A maple leaf lies on a wet magnolia leaf, both fallen from trees in our yard.

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