A hilarious alternative take on Halloween

A hilarious alternative take on Halloween

A while back we were having a pretty serious discussion about the merits and possible problematic elements of Halloween. Today I found this funny blog entry and thought I’d pass it along as a different point of view from any that was expressed during that conversation:

But I’ll tell you the thing I really enjoy about Halloween: at least it’s not a religious holiday—I mean, Halloween as a boo, eek, Kit-kat and Smartees, oh-how-cute day, setting aside saint and souls and praying and such, which is a different day.

It’s not like Christmas, or Easter, or Thanksgiving—you’re not supposed to be making sure your kids aren’t missing the deeper meaning of it all, and not being too materialistic, and enjoying happy times with your family, while simultaneously performing the back-breaking labor of organizing a pleasant day.

So when I tear around the house with a hot glue gun, insisting that the toddler can make supper for herself because I’m busy, dammit . . . it’s just Halloween! I may be acting like a jerk, but at least it’s not blasphemy.

Priceless. I love how Simcha is able to laugh at her own foibles and make us laugh too.

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