Psalm 95

Psalm 95

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  • Not sure how I missed the original discussion on Halloween so I will pipe in here instead.

    We don’t do typical Halloween in favor of an All Saints Party with friends and cousins. Although, the three main reasons really have nothing to do with our faith.

    1. As much as I loved Halloween as a kid, I have to acknowledge that we live in a different world today; a world where registered sex offenders (like the guy who use to live down the street from us) have to be “checked on” to make sure they aren’t participating in the festivities that day. Ewwwwww!

    2. My kids hate scary things. They have always had this instinct about spooky things or things that might even be considered spooky that has prompted them to run the other direction… usually screaming and hyperventilating. We had to tell my youngest that the ghost in the neighbor’s yard was a marshmallow man. Has he ever seen a ghost before? No. Do we tell him spooky scary stories? No. And yet, there he stood in our garage looking across the street through frisbee sized eyes saying,“Mom…what. is. dat?!” And it isn’t even a very scary looking ghost. It’s holding a caramel apple for Pete’s sake! But I remember being the same way. And when the majority of the world opts for the spooky and scary, we have no choice but to bow out of the celebration or deal with nightmares all night long.

    3. My kids play dress up every. single. day! Even in the dog days of summer when I start sweating just thinking about an extra layer of clothing! That is the beauty of homeschooling. I will run into a fairy princess ballerina in the hallway on any given Thursday as I go to meet Batman in the bathroom for some potty assistance. Those costumes are easy. The saints! Now that’s a challenge! And they love it!

    We aren’t some holier-than-thou Catholics who think that we have to keep our kids locked away from all the “bad things” out there in the world. It just seems like the payoff (free candy) just isn’t worth all of the risks. Oh, and my kids have never felt left out because we do a rockin’ All Saints Party if I do say so myself! In fact, they think it is quite sad that all of those little kids trawling the streets don’t have a rockin’ cool party to go to.

  • You might have missed it in part because it was in August. Not the traditional time to pull out the Halloween discussion. Here’s the link, in case you want to see what was said. (Forgot to put it in the entry.)