Magnolia in the fall

I’ve tentatively identified the tree in our yard as a magnolia based on the leaf shape, flower, and dried seed cones I’ve found. But there are definite differences between it and the southern species I knew in Texas. This northern magnolia has larger leaves that are less stiff and waxy. Its flowers are smaller, less symmetrical and have a pinkish hue, unlike the white blooms of the southern tree. And, big surprise, the seed cones turn bright magenta in the fall. I’d only seen them on the tree still green in the summer or on the ground dried and brown with the distinctive red seeds popping out. This bright pink is an unexpected fall color.



2 Responses to Magnolia in the fall

  1. pat scott October 11, 2007 at 10:52 am #

    delightful! I always liked jumpers, too….

    collars are a pain sometimes…. staples? <just kidding!>

    hm.  drawing on clothes… I remember jeans with drawings, melanie produced and another set tim produced. Following in the footsteps of earlier Scott doodlers!  I was just telling one of my client’s artistic children about this canvas choice of my kids! <and getting a not-so-wonderful look from her mom!!>

  2. Mary October 12, 2007 at 4:44 am #

    My gosh, she is the image of you.  What a precious child!  I have a feeling if I see you both at the mall or something (I live locally), I’m going to feel as though I already know you and I’ll want to run right up and start chatting!  grin

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