Spic and Span

Spic and Span

We couldn’t leave the house for most of the day because we were waiting for the delivery man to come with the heating oil. (Yay for hot showers!) So stuck in the house I was suddenly overwhelmed by the terrible state of my kitchen. It’s actually been bugging me for days now but there’s just been too much going on. Fortunately I’m just about over the first trimester sleepies and am getting those lovely bursts of energy they call “nesting”.

So when Dom came home he found: all the dishes cleaned and put away, the sink empty and shiny, the floor shiny and clean, the stove very sparkly, the kitchen garbage can sparkly, the kitchen table straightened, enchilada dinner in progress and a very happy daughter running to meet him. (That last part happens every day, the others haven’t happened in quite some time.)

I’d also straightened the dining room table, started sorting the huge bag of 2T clothes my sister-in-law gave me yesterday, and made both our bed and Bella’s. Whew, I’m tired again just writing it all down!

For a reward I not only got the warm glowing feeling of a clean kitchen and a job well done and a yummy dinner. I also got a very nice massage that helped to remove all the kinks I put in my back and shoulders while doing my Aegean stable feat. That plus the hot shower and I feel like a totally new woman.

So now I’m going to fall over into bed instead of writing all the blog posts I had planned for today and answering all the lovely emails sitting in my inbox. I’m not superwoman after all. I need my beauty sleep.

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