Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Updates

My OB’s office called Tuesday afternoon with the results of the blood work and said my progesterone levels are low. So they called in a prescription for a supplement. Picked it up yesterday. Took the first one last night. The second one this morning after breakfast.

I’d already been feeling some faint queasiness before taking the pills. But now I’m holding onto the sides of my chair, trying very hard not to throw up.

Nope didn’t work. I had to run for the bathroom, cupping vomit in my hands. As I knelt by the toilet, losing my breakfast, Bella was right there, patting my arm, saying concernedly, “Mama, Mama.” I appreciated the effort, but it was, sadly not much consolation. I kept worrying: Please, don’t touch the vomit, Bella.

She didn’t. Good girl.

Dom’s not here to help with clean up. I have to do it all myself. Super-Mama indeed.


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