First Prenatal Visit

First Prenatal Visit

I went in for my first prenatal today. I didn’t see the doctor, just the nurse. They confirmed the pregnancy, did blood work and I filled out paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. And they told me I’m going to have to find a new OB. Mine is going to stop delivering babies after December. And of course I’m due in early March. The other doctor in the practice, the one who actually delivered Bella and attended my miscarriage because she happened to be on call those days, is no longer in practice at all. She’s decided to stay home with her kids. Which I fully support. But it leaves me high and dry. I thought I was putting off the search for a new OB till next summer when we move to the South Shore.

I left Bella at my sister-in-law’s house. The first time I’ve left her with anyone other than Dom. She did fine except when she dropped a toy on her foot. Then she cried and banged her head on the floor; but was soon distracted by some toys. She’s such a social little thing, I think she had more fun playing with her cousins than she would have at home with me.

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  • I am SO glad you wrote this post. I’ve had this lingering on my wish list for a while but forgot about it. I think it’s something I really need to read right now. Thanks!

  • Oh good. That’s why I posted the review. I knew there was someone out there who needed a nudge. I hope you enjoy it.