Prayerfully Expecting

Prayerfully Expecting

Just recieved in the mail this week: Prayerfully Expecting: A Nine-Month Novena for Mothers-To-Be. It’s been on my wish list for awhile; but I figured it was finally time to get around to having it shipped.

So far I like it. One little thing bugs me. And this reveals so much more about me and my silly obsessiveness. The book is designed as a journal with lots of blank pages. And fill in the blanks for recording milestones and thoughts etc. And that bugs me because well, I hope that I’ll be pregnant again. And want to use the book again. And it’s silly, I know; but I can’t bring myself to write in this book.

So I decided to do it on the blog instead. That way there’ll still be nice clean blanks in the book. And I can have all my answers and thoughts recorded in one place. Rather than trying to both journal and blog about the same experience. Which would be silly too.

And I guess my responses to the books prompts will probably give you a pretty good idea of what the book is like. I’ll try to include some reviewish stuff too. But sometimes I’m not so good at finishing what I start. So be warned: follow up may be spotty.

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  • oh dear…. technology leaps beyond the toy replica!!

    What a neat book, so appropriate now that she’s fascinated with dogs (and easier to clean up than a real one!)