Accomplished so far

Accomplished so far

To cheer myself up and remind myself that some progress has been made.

4 bags of clothing delivered to St. Vincent de Paul Society this morning. The little old ladies who run the thrift shop were almost as happy to see them coming as we were to see them going. And I think Bella really brightened their morning.

9 boxes of books packed and ready to go. I’m not counting how many more remain to be packed. Not counting.

More than 100 books thus far given away to good homes via Book Mooch.

1 desk completely emptied. 1 trash bag completely filled.

1 box of small appliances and 1 box miscellaneous junk sold at friend’s charity garage sale. Proceeds to help build churches in India and Africa.

2 bags of outgrown baby clothes and extra baby blankets vacuum compressed so they don’t take up the space of 5 bags.

1 basement storage space decluttered and organized. 3 trash barrels full of old student projects (from my teaching days) finally eliminated.

1 love seat gone to a good home via Craigslist.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m off to bed now. We finally got boxes today so tomorrow starts a whole new round of packing. 


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  • Thank you. I have just entrusted her to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, with the prayer to contain her within her Immaculate Heart.