All Quiet on the Blogging Front

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

I’ve been pretty quiet here recently in part because life has become so busy.

We’ve begun serious cleaning and tossing in preparation for moving and so much of the free time that I usually devote to reading blogs and to writing here has been instead dedicated to sorting and fretting about the amount of junk that has accumulated in the seven years I’ve been living here in this apartment. (I’ve been here in the same house, with a parade of various roommates, since I moved to Massachusetts. Dom just moved his stuff in when we got married, the final roommate having fortunately decamped just in time so that I didn’t have to actually move myself.)

Yesterday, for example, we attacked the storage space in the basement. Yikes! Several old computers found their way onto Craig’s List, as did a pair of skis. Hopefully they will be departing for good homes soon. A box of old appliances we donated to a friend’s garage sale, the proceeds of which will go to his charity that builds churches in India and Africa.

I unearthed a couple of boxes of old books that I’d suspected were in there somewhere but previous foraging attempts had not been able to unearth. Most of them have now been listed at Book Mooch. Tuesday morning we’ll be making a trip to the post office to send out the first wave of books. I think it will take two trips to get them all off. But then our library will be lighter by a good 35 books. Which will eventually be replaced, of course, by more books.  I have all those points to spend now. And I’m building a library for Bella, don’t you know.

Of course, an entire day this week was taken up with apartment shopping. We are actually going to rent the first place we looked at. The other two were horrid, small, dingy, unlivable places. So even though Dom and I were both initially cautious, not wanting to get too excited about the first place we saw, it really fit the bill fairly well.

It’s smaller than our current place. But that was pretty much inevitable. We’re renting our current four bedroom palace for well below market value and couldn’t afford it if our landlady was charging what she could get. Our staying here was a compromise that worked well for all parties. She got tenants she knew, liked and trusted and didn’t have to mess with the whole messy process of finding new tenants. We got an amazing bargain.

But it has two of the biggest requirements: a nice fenced-in yard where Bella can play and a big eat-in kitchen where mom and dad can play. Mentally, I’ve already got my hammock strung up and toys strewn across the lawn. Dom’s already rearranging the cupboard space and trying to figure out where he can squeeze the baker’s rack. And we haven’t even signed the lease yet.

But we will have to purge even more and trim things down in order to fit into the smaller space. We will have basement storage (and a washer and dryer left behind by the previous tenants) but it is a rather damp basement and I’m leery of keeping books down there. We’ll have to somehow replace the built-in bookshelves that were currently using here as well.

I’m afraid we’ll no longer have the luxury of a spare bedroom. Oh well.

Tomorrow I need to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit. Basically almost everything remaining from before I got pregnant. Which is most of my wardrobe. I’m finally accepting that I’m not going to be that size again before the clothes are so hopelessly out of date that I’ll look like Rip Van Winkle. (Or, Dom helpfully points out, a bag lady.)

And then we start packing things into boxes. I can’t even begin to go there yet, though. Suffice it to say that we’ve got a little more than two weeks. We’re set to move in on June 15. Anyone want to come help pack?

Dom says: Forget packing. How about come help move? But I’m really not ready to go there yet.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep things updated here, but if I continue to be silent, at least you can visualize me in my moving chaos: surrounded by thousands of books…. I’m not ready to think about packing anything else yet.

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