Weekend in Maine

Weekend in Maine

This week my sister-in-law, Francesca, had a birthday and so the family headed up to Maine to celebrate. We were only gone one night. We left early Saturday morning and returned last night.

It was a fun trip. We had a picnic by the lake, went to mass at the cathedral in Portland (oh the music was wonderful!), Bella got to play with her cousins and practice climbing stairs. We had birthday cake, of course, and homemade ice-cream. And spent Saturday night sitting around the table laughing and laughing and laughing until I thought I was going to have an asthma attack.

Bella took two long naps in the car on Saturday and slept pretty well Saturday night; but yesterday she didn’t have a morning nap, just a short snooze in the car after mass. And no afternoon nap either. We thought the two hour car trip would be a perfect opportunity but she only fell asleep when we were about ten minutes from the house.

Then she was so tired and cranky last night, she did what she usually does when she gets tired: she fell. This time she split her lower lip open on the edge of the coffee table and then took a spectacular tumble backwards onto the floor.

So this morning we’re paying for the fun. Isabella is having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Not only does she have a fat lip, her top teeth are coming in. (The bottom incisors have fully erupted now.) She screams and yells every five minutes or so. Cannot be satisfied. Only took a half-hour morning nap. And I can’t even take her out for a walk because it’s raining and we’ve had two pretty close lightning strikes just now.

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