Because I love book lists…

Because I love book lists…

Check out Thirty Books That Every College Student Should Read. My list would be a bit different, of course. But I think this one is pretty good.

Of course, I must now confess to not having read several books on the list. I’m going to go hang my head in shame now.

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  • We had a fabulous set of blocks—my mother found them for a quarter at a garage sale.  They range in size from 6 to 24 inches, and we built everything with them (and later we combined them with Legos, Construx, and Pipeworks—my brothers were all geniuses at this).  When my niece was a toddler, Mom tried to find a similar set for her, but couldn’t only find little Lego-sized blocks.  Nothing big enough to build gerbil mazes from.  So if I ever have kids, I’m going to measure all my mom’s blocks (she still has the set) and send the specs to my woodworking father-in-law.

  • Ok that clinches it. This summer I’m going to start getting up early and going to garage sales….

    I wish I had a woodworking relative I could sic on the project. But one way or another I’m going to find some cool blocks for Bella.