Mom’s Visit So Far

Mom’s Visit So Far

Didn’t get off to the greatest start. Her plane was was a bit early and we were running a bit late to pick her up at the airport so didn’t park and go in but pulled up to the curb. I jumped out to hug mom and help her into the van, Dom jumped out to put her suitcase in the back, mom got in, sat down in the back seat next to Bella and we pulled away. And Bella began to scream. And screamed and screamed for fifteen minutes, tears pouring down her face.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to give mom the back seat, I thought. But we couldn’t pull over to switch. Bella couldn’t see me and the sound of my voice wasn’t consoling her. But mom just sat there calmly, holding the banana I’d handed her to give to Bella. She talked to her quietly and sang a little song and eventually Bella’s screams became heaving sobs and then the sobs subsided to a silent stare. But she wouldn’t take the banana from mom, usually her favorite food.

Finally after about fifteen minutes of screaming and sobbing and another ten of silent staring, Bella began to warm up a bit. First a little smile and then a little chattering and finally after mom took a bite of the banana, Bella decided she might try a little bit too. Then she ate the rest of it.

When we got to the house, I put Bella down in the living room and chatted for a bit with mom until she seemed comfortable. Then I had to run to the kitchen to get dinner started. I figured with Dom in the living room, Bella might possibly be ok with my leaving for a little bit, but would most likely start screaming and need him to hold her.

But no, she hardly noticed I was gone. Instead, she was busy showing Grandma all her toys, chattering and climbing all over her, demonstrating her walking abilities and generally having a great time. When Dom left to help out in the kitchen, she hardly noticed. And even when I walked by the door and she looked up and saw me, she didn’t freak out. I guess Bella has a new best friend. I think this is going to be a great visit.

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  • I’m so glad to hear it went smoothly and Belle was doing okay with her mommy. I know about those nursing to sleep naps! Continuing to pray that the results will be negative and everything fine.

  • Thank you.

    As I was saying to Dom at bedtime last night, for a day which started off with so much anxiety, yesterday turned out to be a really good day. By the end of the day, as I was getting in bed, I was filled with calm and peace.

    Definitely those prayers have been working!

  • Prayers continuing here, too. I’m so glad the preliminary news was good. I hope you can feel peaceful until the final results come in, too.

    Can’t remember if I ever told you that I had a cancer scare after my first miscarriage … it had been a partial molar pregnancy, and I had to go back weekly for blood draws for quite awhile because my hcg levels weren’t dropping as fast as they should have after the d&c, so they feared the molar cells were still growing. It was a scary time, but prayers will sustain you!