Ender’s Island

Ender’s Island

I have very fond memories of St. Edmund’s retreat center on Ender’s Island (near Mystic Connecticut). Back when Dom and I were first dating we went on a retreat there. It was a planning retreat for Proud to Be Catholic, the concert founded and organized by my now-brother-in law Peter Campbell.

Ender’s Island is a beautiful, magical place and the retreat was a wonderful opportunity for some quiet reflective time. Dom and I took several long walks on the grounds, creating some very nice memories. Later, Dom gave me as a lovely wedding present a framed copy of one of my favorite T.S. Eliot poems, A Dedication to My Wife, illustrated with pictures of us on Ender’s Island.

All of which is by way of a long introduction to this lovely little story about Ender’s Island and Fr. Benedict Groeschel at Suicide of the West. Thanks to blogger Mark Gordon for the trip down memory lane.

Hat tip to Happy Catholic

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