More Photoblogging

More Photoblogging

I’m on a roll today.

Bella tongue out

Extreme closeup in mommy’s lap.

Isabella - 10 months

I love her more with each new day. Though I’m still not sure how that is possible. Every day I look at her and marvel at the miracle of her life, at the miracle of love. Truly children are a blessing from the Lord. I am very blessed.

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  • I have to salute Tree’s teaching efforts and your mad crochet skills. It looks really good! smile Keep it up!


  • You will grow to love crochet—or at least to be addicted to it.  Everyone seems to.  Check out for free patterns and tutorials—it’s where I always go.  Added bonus: the crochet needle doesn’t make the noise a sewing ‘sheen does, so you can listen to books on tape or watch movies.

    And I feel like a total dork for seeing your picture and saying to myself, “Boye aluminum hook, size H, and what looks like single crochets with my favorite brand of yarn!  Well done!”

  • I actually managed to listen to books on tape while quilting. Lots of time spent cutting and pinning and ironing and then when sewing with my machine I used headphones.

    When I was making Bella’s baby quilt I listened to Seamus Heaney reading his translation of Beowulf (most highly recommended!!!) and to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

    And while handstitching the bindings, I like to watch movies I’ve seen before (with new movies I get too distracted, wanting to actually watch rather than just listen).

    When I get more confident I might work myself up to trying patterns. Thanks for the info.