A Challenge

A Challenge

Homeschool blogger Wisteria asks her readers to make a list of their 25 must-keep children’s picture books. If you had to cull, and could only save 25, which ones would your children demand you save? It’s an interesting question. I have to admit, I’ve not heard of many of the books on her list.

Of course, for me the question is fairly theoretical. My basis for preference is my own tastes as Bella still mostly thinks of books as something to eat or rip. She’s finally got to the point where she’ll sometimes let me turn the pages of her board books and she’ll touch the pictures as I read.

But I don’t think I could limit myself to 25 even now. Bella is only 9 months old and I’ve already got a bookcase dedicated to children’s books (overflowing, actually), an entire shelf of picture books, more than 50 at least. And she already has her own Amazon wishlist with more than 100 titles in it!

Some of the books are favorites from my own childhood: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Where the Wild Things Are, Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Madeline, Mother Goose, to name a few from the top of my head.

And they’ve already been getting some use. I read to my nieces when they come to visit. Their favorites are Jan Brett’s Gingerbread Baby and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Some of the picture books on the shelf I could imagine culling; I bought them on impulse or they were presents. But parting with books is so difficult. And when we actually get to the point of Bella having her own favorites…. And then more kids with their favorites… Dom is already worried about my book addiction and the 13 bookcases we’ve filled. But, then, he’s an addict too.

Twice Bloomed Wisteria is a new blog for me, but I like her style so far. She’s a homeschooling farmer in Mississippi with some pretty funny stories.

[hat tip to Becky at Farm School]
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