Jet Blue

Jet Blue

In my post about our trip, I meant to say something about how pleasant the airplane part of our journey was.

On the way down the plane was packed, of course. But even so we had a good flight. There were a bunch of babies on the flight, I guess other parents also felt that getting up for a 6 am flight was not such a big deal. There was a pair of 4 month old twin girls sitting behind us. Very cute and very well behaved. We got in to Austin a half hour early, at 10 in the morning and so were able to go to lunch with my family. Yummy enchiladas!!!

On the return trip we left at a much more reasonable hour. The only thing I’d have done differently was pack a lunch. Our breakfast burritos had long since faded away by the time we got home at almost 5 pm. The snacks of cookies and chips we were served did not stem the tide.

But the flight was almost empty. And a special treat, the agent assigned us an extra seat so we were able to bring the car seat on board and put Bella down for a while! We had an entire row to ourselves: me and Bella on one side of the aisle, Dom and an empty seat across from us. God bless that agent for stopping us and letting us know about the extra seats. Having that car seat with us was a real treat.

There was a little girl crawling around in the gate area as we were waiting to board. Based on her crawling skills, I assumed she was a month or two older than Bella even though she was much smaller, a dainty little thing.  Her mom told me she was a few days shy of her first birthday.

Anyway, the trip was fabulous and this is taking me too long to write, so I’m going to cut myself off again.

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  • Wonderful quotes, indeed! And as you recently have had an encounter with the miraculous (and now feed her mashed pears daily), you no doubt have a renewed appreciation for Chesterton’s perspective on wondrous gifts.

    Thanks for the link! Cheers.

  • I was just pondering the beauty of my little miracle as I gave her her nightly bath. She was singing to herself, trying to crawl out of the tub and snatching at a nearby cantaloupe.
    We are blessed indeed that God has entrusted us with one of his greatest treasures.

    Thanks again for the reminder of how to look at the miraculous in the everyday. Sometimes, I must confess when sleep is hard to come by and the sink is full of dishes and the baby and I are cranky—and especially when she sneezes her mashed pears all over the front of my clean shirt—it can be all too easy to lose the proper sense of perspective.