Who Knew?

Who Knew?

Tonight Dom was inspired. We had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. (With sides of green beans, rosemary roasted potatoes, and roasted butternut squash.)

I’ve never had Yorkshire pudding before. I wasn’t even quite sure what it was. I am now in the position to inform you that it is VERY YUMMY. And quite easy to make. Who knew? I always imagined it would be some very complicated concoction. Now I know.

From now on there will be Yorkshire pudding whenever we have roast beef. I have declared it.

It was a great dinner, albeit a little later than we’re used to eating. We had a lovely Cabernet, provided by our lovely landlady in a lovely Christmas basket that she dropped off before heading over to Ireland for the holiday. And it was a nice finish to a great Sunday. This afternoon we took a little drive up the coast to Rockport, a quaint little New England coastal town. The one you’ve seen in plenty of genre pictures, full of galleries and fudge shops and the like. We had tea, well coffee and cider with an almond croissant and an apple strudel, at a cute little pastry shop where the other customers fawned over Bella.

Bella had her own treat, pears in a little mesh holder so she could suck on them until they were pulpy and not choke. A fantastic invention. I love it.

Anyway, dessert will be fudge from Rockport.

But we’ll have to turn in early because tomorrow morning Dom’s flying down to New York for the day for an interview.

I guess Bella and I will manage without him, but the house will seem awfully lonely.

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  • I like that post.

    I think it’s no coincidence, however, that the people I know who throw the most extravagant Christmases and give the biggest gifts are also the people who don’t worship Christ.  In their completely secular Christmases, the presents are everything.  They’re the only thing.  And they’ve read “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” a million times!