A taste of justice

A taste of justice

I try to take Bella to the park every day. It’s good exercise for me and she loves being outside. And sometimes she even takes a nap!

To get to the park from our house we have to cross a very busy street. Though there are crosswalks at every intersection, I always walk down a couple of blocks to cross at one that’s protected by a light. To do otherwise would be to take my life into my own hands. People drive crazy around here. And even when I do cross at the light I always pause to be sure that the cars in both directions have seen the light and are truly going to stop. Because at least 3 or 4 times a week one doesn’t. I’ve even seen three cars in a row race through the red light.

Today was no different. I pushed the button and waited. And sure enough a car in the far lane ran the red. As soon as I was sure the car behind her had stopped, I started across the intersection. And then when I was halfway through I saw the flashing blue lights and realized the next car was a police cruiser, waiting for me to finish crossing before racing off to stop the transgressor. I gave them a thank you wave and hurried to the other side. As soon as my foot touched the sidewalk, the cruiser was off with a blast of the siren. “Oh yeah!” I rejoiced.

It’s a beautiful thing to see someone get theirs. i hope that police officer gave her a stern lecture, let her know that if I hadn’t been so vigilant, she could easily have slammed into my baby carriage.

If only there were more policemen around.

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