New Book

New Book

I’m such a children’s book addict, I’ll admit it. I get them as much for myself as for Bella. But, hey, books are the gift that keeps on giving. Just because I love them first doesn’t mean she won’t one day get much joy from them. One day. For now she just likes grabbing and chewing them. My attempts to actually read them just get in the way of her attempts to explore them in her own way. (Dom accuses me of devouring books; but Bella’s take is much more literal.

Anyway, I just received Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost in the mail the other day, one of my Book Mooch books. It was on one of Melissa Wiley’s lists of recommends on her beautiful blog. And much thanks to her because this book is a gem.

I love Frost. A great poet. And I love him even more, if that is possible, now that I’ve lived in New England for six years and lived through the seasons in the landscape his poetry so often describres. And this is a beautiful illustrated collection for kids. Soft paintings of New England scenery are perfectly paired with the poems (about thirty of them), which arranged by season. Some of my favorite poems are here and some that I’m less familiar with. Some long, some short. A nice assortment. There’s also a good introduction, a brief bio of Frost. And a handy index for quick reference. I’m not quite as fond of the short explanations that accompany each poem; but they aren’t very intrusive.

Of course, as soon as I got the book home I had to open it up, scan for my favorite poems, and read them aloud to Dom: “Birches”, and “After Apple Picking”. And he prompted me to find the classic “The Road not Taken” which I read aloud as well, though I almost know it by heart.
One poem seems conspicuously missing: “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. But I know there’s an illustrated children’s book of just that poem. Perhaps the editors omitted it because they know it is already available to children in that format. In the meantime, I was able to recite it from memory for Dom’s edification.

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