Ask Moxie

Ask Moxie

I found this mom blog the other day and have been enjoying it. Moxie is not an expert, just a mom; but her advice is thorough and there are good discussions in her comboxes. As she says, “I help people troubleshoot their parenting problems.”

I’ve never been a big fan of discussion forums. If I’m looking for a specific piece of information, it’s always hard to find. And so many of the comments seem to get off track. Moxie’s place has the advantage of tagged entries, so it’s easier to find the topics you’re looking for. And there seems to be a good community of women.

This is the only place where I’ve seen really good discussions on breastfeeding in public places, nursing, transitioning to solid foods, etc. I mean the kind with advice that makes sense to me and doesn’t sound preachy. More supportive and encouraging. I’m sure there are other sites which work for other people, but I think Moxie’s will be a stop for me when I’m on the quest for discussion about parenting topics.

Note: parenting topics seem to be focused on issues for the under four age range, and will most likely grow as Moxie’s kids (now 1 and 4) grow. Fine for me as they will always be in advance of where Bella is.

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