more from the farmer’s market

more from the farmer’s market

Went to the farmer’s market again today. Fall harvest time is truly upon us.

One booth was selling peaches. They had samples sliced on beautiful blue and white china plates. Nice presentation. I tried one and knew I had to buy some peaches. “Try these, they’re awesome,” I told Dom. “Now that’s what a peach is supposed to taste like!” he exclaimed.

We also got some of my favorite apples: honey crisps. I’ve only seen them in the store once and even that was a pale imitation of the glory of the fresh picked fruit. Also great were the ginger gold. Soon we’re going to have to go apple picking and then make and can huge vats of apple sauce. yum.

Dom got some water spinach and stir-fried it with fish sauce. Very good.

Also got some fresh raspberries. Sweet not tart like grocery store berries.

And some swiss chard and beets. I cooked the greens up with lemon, shallots and basil. A great combo.

Now that were eating more local produce and paying attention to what is in season, I can see why fall is the time for harvest festivals. I certainly feel in a celebratory mood when we come home with our haul.

My only regret is we can only get a fraction of what looks good. There is such an abundance of goodness, but we can only eat so much before it starts to go bad. Well, there’s always next week…

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  • I haven’t heard the work “icky” used in a long time. I always get a kick whenever I hear John Cale pronounce it in his Welsh accent in “The Gift” by the Velvet Underground.

          Ta & G’d Bless, diskojoe