This morning Danielle Bean asks readers what they are grateful for.

My answers:

I am grateful for my wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally.

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter with the happy smile and the gleeful squeal.

I am grateful that she is healthy and strong.

I am grateful that she is now sleeping at night. 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep I got last night!

I am grateful that my husband’s being out of work has meant that he has had time to spend with me and our daughter.

I am grateful for my sister, my best friend, who talks with me for hours on the phone.

I am grateful for my parents who support me and have taught me so much.

I am grateful for all of my in-laws and for my spunky 90-year old grandmother.

I am grateful for the internet which connects me with so many beautiful people and keeps me from feeling isolated.

I am grateful for the warm sun and the beautiful flowers. For the ocean we live within walking distance of. For the last few nice days of summer.

Not a comprehensive list; but a good start on a Tuesday morning.

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  • I taught high school, but found the same thing – a lot of flexibility that gave me the feeling that I had a lot more control over my life.  I could run errands when I needed too, read books, have conversations, watch television – and still prepare for classes and correct papers.  I miss it and hope one day soon to get back to it – though I wouldn’t mind having your current job one day soon either!